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At Bon-Tech, our goal is to create life-long learners.  From online and physical stand-alone classes, to sequenced classes that grow professional knowledge, to certifications that prove demonstrated skills, to BS, MS, Doctoral, and Post-Doc degrees, your personal progress is our passion.

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Bon-Tech School of Business is an

ITP Accredited training and certification provider.

(2016-2019 accreditation cycle)



Bonney Technical School (Bon-Tech) of Business is an  "on demand campus" and online school committed to practical, low-cost training.  Our learn-do model ensures that we don't just expand your mind, we expand your abilities,potential, and value to employers!


Did you know …
… this year’s annual Quality Progress Magazine
Salary Survey found that those with any level of Six Sigma training earned $17,705 more than those without?  Isn't it time you invested in you?  Sign up for training today!

Every spring, students graduate from high school and face an uncertain future.  And every spring, students fail to graduate.  Life becomes very real very quickly, and the fun of school turns into the depressing drain of a dead-end job with minimal benefits and barely enough money to pay the rent.  This is not a path that most people choose; but life happens, and there's nothing you can do about it.


Or is there?  You still have a choice.  Low cost.  High value.  An opportunity to change your life by changing you.  Take back control.  Don't wonder where the future will take you.  Enroll in Bon-Tech now and see where you can take your future!


R. Scott Bonney, MSEd, MBB, PMP, CSM

President and Founder

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