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Is Bon-Tech right for me?


If you are committed to continuous personal improvement, then the answer is simple: Bon-Tech is made for you!


Our core product is people.  Young and old, rich and poor, from any nation and any background.  If you want to learn, to grow, to find and apply new knowledge for the betterment of yourself, your family, your community, and your world, then Bon-Tech is made for you.  But knowing you, you're looking for something more solid and specific.  How about this...


What you need right now:

While our training programs consistently bring in students with undergraduate, graduate, and even doctoral degrees, our one-week Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program is designed to be accessible to new students as young as 17 years old, without a college degree

Does this story sound familiar?  For so many personal reasons, you were never able to attend college.  Now you're stuck with no escape.  If you're lucky enough to have a job, the pay is low, the potential for growth is even lower.  You want to go back to school, but traditional college is just too much.  Too much time.  Too much money.  Too much commitment.  You need a place where you can get a little training here, a little training there, but where everything you do adds up to something greater.  You need flexible training that meets you where you are, and stays with you to get you where you want to be... even as you're trying to figure out where that might be.


More than just training:

You need more than just classes.  You need access to opportunities.  Access to professional coaches and mentors.  Access to other people just like you, who can help you share ideas and find opportunities you never knew were there.  Whatever your problem, someone out there has seen it and solved it before. And right now, someone out there is struggling to solve a problem that you have seen and figured out already.  Bon-Tech provides more than just training, it provides a community and a process for sharing knowledge.


What I really need is a job:

Bon-Tech can train you in a standard process for training others.  This allows students to become teachers -- and to make money as they learn.  Not ready to train others?  With the Bon-Tech referral program, by simply telling others about Bon-Tech, you can make a finder's fee when they sign up and attend classes.  Find five friends, and you've more than covered the cost of your own class.  Continue to get friends to sign up, and you make even more.  Our unique tuition process is designed to encourage people to pursue continuing education, and to keep costs low, but the fringe benefit for our students is that they can actually make money as they learn!



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