There is a very real difference between products and services (outputs) and results (outcomes).  At Bon-Tech, our goal is more than delivering certificates of completion and professional certifications; our goal is transforming lives in order to transform the world.


Here's the idea.  Help a person to add value to his or her life by providing access to useful training (again, more than just "head knowledge" through education, but real, valuable, hands-on training).  People use their training to add value to society (through paying jobs, volunteer work, starting their own projects or companies, etc.).  The more value people add to society, the higher the quality of life for everyone, everywhere.  Put differently, raise the water level for one boat, and you raise it for all.  It's not "you or me" it's "you and me".  Win-win.  We call it Collaborative Capitalism.  It's that simple.


At Bon-Tech, we are outcome-driven, but we deliver these outcomes by means of very specific products.  Our products add value to you, and then prove that value to your employer by means of certificates of completion and certification. 

Not sure how all this might look in the real world?  Look at us.  Bon-Tech does not stand alone.  The Bon-Tech School of Business is partnered with other institutions, including reputable consulting companies and universities.  Our professional training and certifications serve as a solid foundation and entry point to academic degree programs.  Degrees take the real-world projects that you completed with Bon-Tech and ramp them up with academic rigor and research steroids.  Our partner universities get better students, who can hit the ground running and get their degrees faster and with consistently high results.  Our partner consulting firms get a chance to share their coaching and mentoring skills, and eager-to-learn resources who can assist in adding value on projects that they need to get done for themselves or their clients.  Bon-Tech gets to offer its students dramatically higher odds of admittance to world-class applied degree programs and academic credits for its programs.  Win for us; win for our partners; win for you.

Need a real-world coach or mentor?  We partner with the Journi-Tech Corporation to expand our base of available professionals and consultants to ensure you have access to just the right coach with just the right experience for your needs.  You get your project done right.  Your company gets rock-solid return on investment for your time and effort in our classes. Your boss gets a rock star for an employee.

Always remember, it's not about the certificate, or certification, or degree; it's about delivering results that make the world a better place.  The more you can deliver results, the greater your value, the more money you make, the better your personal quality of life, and the more society becomes better for everyone.

You see?  It's not about Bon-Tech, or one of our consulting partners, or some University that happens to value our students' reputations; it's about YOU.  When we work together, we all win.


Just one more thing.  If you're really good, you can become a Bon-Tech trainer, learning to create and deliver Bon-Tech training modules that help future students to add even more value.  We keep costs low and value high, so we can help more people faster, so the world becomes better faster.


Remember our motto: Semper Discere, Semper Docui, Semper Maiorem Causam.  Or, for all of us non-native Latin speakers: Always learn.  Always teach.  Always a greater cause.  It's not just a motto, it's our model to change the world, one person at a time.  The missing ingredient is you.


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