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Lean Six Sigma

Training and Certification

The core of Bon-Tech's initial training and certification program is based on a business performance improvement methodology referred to as Lean Six Sigma.  Training is available at every level, including traditional LSS Belt progressions and non-traditional integrated models for Strategic Execution and enterprise-level organizational transformation.  Training levels include:

  • White Belt: LSS awareness / overview (virtual only)
  • Yellow Belt: Basic problem-solving (virtual only)
  • Basic Green Belt (or "Lean Belt"): Rapid Improvement Team-based problem-solving and waste elimination.  Introduction to Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints (ToC) methods (virtual, blended, or one week fully classroom-based packages available).
  • Advanced Green Belt: Project-based team problem-solving with applied basic statistical methods.  Application of Six Sigma variation-reduction methods and ToC five focusing steps (virtual, blended, or one week fully classroom-based packages available).
  • Black Belt: Project-based complex "unknown solution" problem solving with parametric and non-parametric statistical methods.  Critical Chain Project Management and Drum-Buffer-Rope ToC methods (blended or one week fully classroom-based packages available). 
  • Master Black Belt: Program Management, including deploying performance improvement programs, enterprise core value stream transformation, and advanced statistical methods.  Strategic project selection utilizing ToC methods to maximize end-to-end impact of strategically selected projects (blended and two week classroom based format).
  • Strategic Execution methods: Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints applied to team-based Executive-level strategic planning.  Note: This is not a traditional "class", but an actual learn-by-doing facilitated strategic planning session.  Intended for executive leadership, but applicable at the Directorate level if senior leadership requires "proof" of the methods before deploying organization-wide (packages range from four-hour minimum (yes, Executives, this is your ABSOLUTE MINIMUM) to week-long enterprise kaizen execution models).
  • Personal and project-based mentoring and coaching: Bon-Tech mentors and coaches are more than simply "certified" Master Black Belts.  All of our coaches have years of experience in executing projects and mentoring / coaching new and experienced Belts through certification and beyond (fitting mentor skills with mentee needs ensures effectiveness and best use of your time and money.  Call to discuss specific mentoring needs). 
  • Note: While our aim is always low-cost / best-value instruction, one-on-one time is by far our most expensive product.  This is not the "cheap stuff" but world-class C-level coaching.  To maximize the value for our students and clients, homework will always be assigned with the intent of moving specific projects forward toward specific goals.  The better you are able to complete the homework, the better the value proposition for utilizing our mentors and coaches in developing your skills as a project manager, program manager, data-based executive leader, and enterprise change agent.  While virtual coaching sessions scheduled in advance are the norm, retainer packages and longer-term contracting is available.  Contact for details, or visit our store at