A New Model for Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI)


Traditional academic institutions are all about where you've been.  Did you graduate high school?  What were your grades?  How much money do you have? 


They ask you to pay for each class, and then follow their schedule to complete it.  If their model doesn't fit your life, you're out of luck.


You live in the real world.  Your life is complicated -- and busy!  How can you know whether you can handle one class this semester or four?  What if something happens so you can't finish a class?  Do you lose all that money -- and get an "F" on your transcript?  And what about student loans?  They're complicated to obtain, the rules for interest rates and pay-back schedules are constantly changing, and they guarantee to drain away any extra money you may make after you graduate. 


Even if you manage to get that new "higher paying" job they keep promising, how much of that raise will go into your pocket or help your family if you're paying down student loans?  This is no model for personal freedom; it's a model for continued bondage.  What's the point?  What ever happened to the American Dream?


There is a way.  The Bon-Tech way.


Interested?  Check out our Crawl - Walk - Run model!

Established in 2013, Bonney Technical School of Business is unlike any other school you've ever encountered.  Like you, Bon-Tech is committed to continuous improvement.  Beginning with "stand alone" classes that teach the skills you need to become more valuable and marketable to employers, our team of professional educators creates integrated online and brick-and-mortar courses that grow individual skills into full professional bodies of knowledge in leadership, quality management, project management, education, and continuous performance improvement.


Training videos lead to online classes.  Classes lead to physical classroom application-based workshops.  Workshops lead certificates of completion.  Certificates of completion lead to professional certification.  Professional certifications can be parlayed into academic degree completion programs, and degrees can build on degrees.


Our model is your model.  It's not about where you are; it's about where you're going, and executing a plan to get there.  Join us!

Brand New -- and Just for You

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