The Bon-Tech Model for CPI:

Continuous Personal Improvement


The Model:

At Bon-Tech, we throw out the "old school" model.  We ask you to make just one commitment -- a commitment to always strive to improve yourself; step, by step, by step.  We call it our crawl, walk, run model.

Think "Crawl-Walk-Run" is too slow and boring for what you want?  Check outAshton Kutcher's comments at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards and then decide what opportunity and "sexy" really look like!


A Model Built for You

Crawl - Walk - Run - Win!



You can take individual training modules at your own pace, and in the areas that most interest you... or your potential employer.  Can't sleep?  Sign on and learn the basics of performance improvement, like a Lean Six Sigma overview, or simple tools like 5-S or multi-voting; tools that you can apply immediately to make you more effective at your day job -- any day job!  No lunch plans?  Grab a sandwich, sit down at your computer, and nourish your mind while you nourish your body.  Invest an hour in yourself with one of our Leadership training modules.  Each module is designed to stand alone, with some modules already set up in sequences that build upon each other to steadily grow your knowledge and skills.



Bon-Tech will keep track of the courses you've taken.  With the introduction of our Certificates of Completion program in 2014, students get credit for all of the classes they've already taken.  Complete the additional course requirements as you are able, and receive Professional Certificates of Completion in topics such as Leadership, Education, Project Management, and Continuous Performance Improvement.  Certificates of Completion come complete with an outline of all the knowledge elements you have successfully covered so your skills are more than just a line on your resume -- they're backed up with proof.



Unlike many traditional academic institutions, Bon-Tech training is intended to add more than just head-knowledge to our students.  The goal is to add practical, hands-on skills that help you to add value to your employer and to society.  We don't just make you think, we help you DO! While Bon-Tech focuses on application, your classes and certifications add to your total credits.  By registering for academic classes, you can quickly turn professional certificates into a Bachelors, Masters, or even Doctoral degree. Remember, professional certifications prove your skills by validating your ability to turn head knowledge into action -- and degrees prove to employers that you have the discipline and motivation to think long-term about yourself -- and them.  Sign up for our Mentorship program and spend time with a trained and experienced professional in your chosen area of study.  Mentors have been carefully chosen and specially trained to help you choose real-world projects that benefit your employer and prove your ability to apply what you have learned.  They also work with you to ensure deeper understanding of the basic knowledge elements of your profession so you'll be ready to successfully complete a comprehensive certification exam.  Complete assignments at your own pace, pay for the mentoring you need, when you need it, and prove your knowledge with a real project that shows your boss just how good you really are.  The result is more than just a happy boss -- it's a professional certification that you can take with you wherever you go.



Beginning in 2016, certifications can jump-start your degree.  Here's how it works.

1. Participate in Bon-Tech online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training.  Pass the exam and get your Certificate of Completion as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.  Your certificate is proof of your new head knowledge... and you get 3 credits toward your degree.

2. Move on to participate in the Bon-Tech blended learning Lean Six Sigma Black Belt class, including the physical "practicum" events scheduled for two Saturdays three months apart.  Pass the written Black Belt exam and earn a Certificate of Completion of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.  Your new certificate proves you have more valuable training... and 3 more credits toward your degree.

3. After you attend and successfully complete the Saturday application-based team Practicum events, you will have completed your first LSS DMAIC-based project -- good for 3 more credits and recognition as a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.  Professional certification (and the accompanying diploma) show you have more than head-knowledge; you know how to apply it in the real world... and you're 9 credits in!

4. Do a real-world project.  Take your knowledge and skills back to the work place, and run a real LSS project for your employer (we'll help you to pick the right one).  Complete and submit the certification package proving the successful completion of a project that improves the efficiency or effectiveness of your organization, and become a Bon-Tech Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  Your diploma as a Certified Black Belt proves that you have both the knowledge and demonstrated skills of a professional team leader and problem-solver.  It's value to most employers often equates to 5-digit raises in salary, promotions, and opportunities.  And did we mention that you now have 12 credits toward your degree?

5. Now it's time to go big.  Meet with one of our Personal Transformation Counselors to discuss your own academic background and goals.  We can work with you where you are, taking into account other credits or degrees that you may already have, and setting you on the fast track to earn the degree that makes the most sense for you, whether at the Bachelors, Master, or Doctoral level.  One class per month, all online, all focused on helping you to parlay your Black Belt project into a wider, deeper, more valuable solution for your employer.  Each class teaches more powerful skills, and each homework assignment is directly related to your successfully completing that project.  In many cases it takes less than a year to complete your degree classes, complete your action research project for your employer, and to walk down the aisle at graduation and receive both your degree and your LSS Black Belt Certification -- a one-two punch that almost always results in significant professional recognition, raises, and promotions.  You will have saved your employer big money, convinced them how valuable you are, and made it clear that you're ready and able to handle that big promotion.

6.  Now what?  The answer is, whatever you want.  Continue on to earn your Master Black Belt training and certification.  Get your Doctoral degree.  Or "pay it forward" by becoming Adjunct Faculty at Bon-Tech (what do you think of that, Professor?); help teach others what you've learned, and make a little money on the side.  It's win-win... and win-win is the Bon-Tech way.

7. Bonus!  Is there something out there that you have always wanted to do? Your personal passion?  The avocation that inspires you to hurry home at the end of every day of your "day job" vocation?  Talk to us.  Now that you've learned how to transform your own life, we're here to help you transform your dream into reality for others.  Start a small business?  Bon-Tech alumni are globally connected in government, small entrepreneurial businesses, and Fortune 100 companies.  Better yet, start a Crawl-Walk-Run program of your own.  We'll work with you to create a new end-to-end life transforming program to improve the knowledge and skills of others in the area that you're passionate about.  Build a class, a certificate of completion, a certification, a degree program... a Crawl-Walk-Run transformational program of your own.  We can help.  After all, it's what we do!