Giving Back (Bonus page for those who noticed the IXOYE)

As you may have guessed, Bon-Tech believes that there is more to a company -- more to life -- than just a business model and making money.  We believe in people, in changing lives, in making the world a better place.  Put differently, we believe that life is process, and process is dependent on solid, high quality inputs if you want a high quality output.  Let's try a little example.

1. Output is what you see (in a company, this might be how people behave, or what is often referred to with the abstract term "corporate culture")

2. Why do they behave that way?  Usually, because of the corporate policies and procedures.  What does the company incentivize and encourage?  What do they punish, and how?

3. Why are the policies what they are? Usually, because of how the corporate leadership thinks.  Executives, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, all work together (or don't) to drive what they consider to be "right" behaviors.  This thinking drives policy.

4. Why do leaders think as they do?  Some might argue it's how they are trained, and certainly that's part of it.  But training is usually driven as a function of policies and thinking.  So what really starts the thinking?  At Bon-Tech, we believe in something deeper.  Some might call it "heart".  We prefer the word "spirit." 

If right results come from right behaviors, right behaviors come from right policies and procedures, right policies come from right thinking, and right thinking comes from a right spirit, then first and foremost, our job is to find, cultivate, and nurture that right spirit. 

This "right spirit" (or right Spirit, if you prefer) is the heart of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.  This is our motivation and our inspiration, how we choose our partners, how we make our decisions, our reason for getting up in the morning.  We believe that every person is created with a purpose, and it is our mission to help every person to discover that purpose, equip themselves for that purpose, drive and thrive toward that purpose.  For those who read the Bible, we commend Acts 8:31 "'How can I [understand],' he said, 'unless someone explains it to me?' So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him." At Bon-Tech, we feel Philip's call to help people understand and empower them to act.

When we succeed, you are a better you, and the world is a better place.  And if we succeed profitably, it just means that we can give back more.

In 2015, here are a few of our contributions.  We hope you are inspired to give back as well.

Project Hope gets medicines and medical supplies from where they are to where they are needed, quickly and efficiently.  A dollar of transportation cost can literally save a life -- and it does, every day.  Bon-Tech is a proud sponsor of Project Hope, and contributed $2500 to the cause in 2015

WGTS, 91.9 is a not-for-profit Christian radio station that services the Maryland; Washington, D.C.; and northern Virginia area.  Their commitment to the little things, like the Drive Thru Difference, Say the Pledge, and a steady stream of uplifting and inspiring music is well worth the $100 we contribute to support their work each month.

Singer / Song Writer / Worship Leader Brian Gurney was inspired to produce his first album.  Bon-Tech leadership felt similarly inspired to support him, donating $1000 to the effort.  See his first concert of the new album here.

Always learn.  Always teach.  Always a greater cause.  What is your greater cause? 

We encourage you to support its success!